Difference between US and Korean girls…

A recent conversation between my American friend, his Korean girlfriend and me as he was driving me home:

Korean girlfriend: Korean girls are not like American girls.

Me: What do you mean?

Korean girlfriend: Korean girls don’t have sex until after they get married; it’s not part of our culture.

Me: Um…are you sure? Because that’s not what I hear from my guy friends who date Korean women here. They tell me that they have more luck getting dates and getting laid here than they ever did in the US or elsewhere.

Korean girlfriend: Are they dating Korean women?

Me: Yes.

My American friend: Yes, me too. I have had sex on many first dates here with Korean women, more than I ever did with the women I dated in the US.

I look at his girlfriend to gauge her reaction but because I am sitting in the back seat and because she is facing forward, I can’t tell if she’s heard this before or if he has just revealed something new to her, in front of me. I think to myself, “Have they not had sex yet?”

Me: Why do you think this?

Korean girlfriend: All the American films show American girls sleeping with anybody.

Me: Well, you know, girls just wanna have fun.

I laugh, my friend laughs, his girlfriend doesn’t laugh.

My American friend: Dating girls in the US, I sometimes went on the fourth or fifth date without sleeping with the girl. Here in Korea, I have had Korean girls take the initiative to have sex on the first date.

Korean girlfriend: Well, then they weren’t really Korean.

Me: Maybe they were from a different planet and only looked like Korean girls.

My American friend: No, they were Korean.

Korean girlfriend: They were probably girls who date foreigners.

Me: What do you mean? Is there a type of Korean girl that dates foreigners?

Korean girlfriend: Yes.

Me: Is she more like an American girl?

Korean girlfriend: Yes. Korean guys don’t want to date her.

I’m thinking to myself, “Obviously, these two have not had sex yet, but does she not realize what she has just said? I decide not to point out the fact that she is dating a non-Korean.

Lovely Love Hotel in Taegu

My American friend: I have dated more women and had more sex here in Korea than I ever did in the US.

I wish he would stop saying that to his girlfriend.

Me: I have never dated Korean women so I do not have first hand knowledge, but all the stories I hear from my guy friends who live here make me think that they have a better social and sex life here than they ever did back in their own countries.

Ironically, with all the love hotels in this country, the glass houses, hooker hills, and barber shops that offer more than a shave and haircut, it is hard to believe that prostitution is illegal. Obviously, the police turn a blind eye to the activities of commerce that thrive in this country. My friend’s girlfriend may choose to believe that Korean girls have some chastity belt that keeps them modest before marriage, but given everything that I have seen, heard and experienced in Korea, I just don’t buy it.


~ by Mishe on January 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “Difference between US and Korean girls…”

  1. “Denial” is not just a river in Egypt. Funny how people can create a world order according to their own wants or point of view. Your American friend was also treading dangerously close to “too much information”. That conversation would have been the end of many of my own relationships had I said those things in front of some of my past girlfriends.

  2. Love it. I think the fact that the (dare I say) “soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend” is going on and on about his sex life in front of his girlfriend may be affecting her comments. I know you’re very cautious with your comments, so I can only imagine the internal thoughts going on in your head. Wish I’d been a fly on the wall.

  3. Koreans girls > American girls.

  4. She’s obviously wrong that Korean girls never have sex until they’re married. But basically right about everything else. In America, the media pushes women to be constantly sexual… most women now believe that they have to have sex with their man all the time and do whatever he wants or else they’ll never find a husband. In many Asian countries, women are pushed to be stay chaste till they’re married. Of course, they don’t *have* to do that but, if they don’t, they will often be shunned by friends and family members will be horrified, ashamed, and disgusted by their child’s indecency if they find out. It’s more likely that the girls your friend has gone out with are the equivalent of hookers… they need/want stuff and they know an American can buy them food or pretty things. It’s as if it demonstrates a lack of self-control and a lack of decency/morals and proves that they have no respect for their culture, so girls who do that are considered by the rest of the population to have an extremely poor upbringing.

    She was probably taking a huge chance on being in a relationship with your friend. While dating an American can be a temporary status boost some places (like Japan) if it’s anything more than a short term relationship, people become extremely suspicious. Friends may start accusing them of all kinds of things and family will make their life miserable until the relationship is completely over. I believe that it’s also different if it’s just something that happens once than if it’s a girl who has dated more than one America man.

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